Subscription Process

Subscriptions to Incometric Fund – EQUAM Global Value, FCP may be done through a Spanish financial institution or directly with the Transfer Agent in Luxembourg.

  1. Subscription through a Spanish financial institution. Incometrics EQUAM Global Value FCP is registered with the Spanish stock market regulator (CNMV) and is active in Inversis and AllFunds fund trading platforms, so it can be purchased at any Spanish financial institution working with these platforms. The subscription through a Spanish financial institution allows individuals to benefit from the Spanish tax-neutral fund transfer regime.
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  1. Direct Subscription in Luxembourg. For a direct subscription in Luxembourg an account at European Fund Administration (EFA) must be opened first. Acting as the fund’s Transfer Agent (“TA”), EFA is responsible of the registry of investors, and processes the subscription and redemption forms sent by the fund’s investors. Subsequently the funds are sent to KBL, the custodian of the fund, and the subscription form is sent. For Spanish tax residents, direct subscriptions imply certain foreign holdings reporting obligations: to Spanish tax authorities (for investments over € 50,000) and to the Bank of Spain (for investments of over € 1 million). Individuals who invest directly in Luxembourg cannot benefit from the Spanish tax-neutral fund transfer regime.

The following table shows a summary of the main aspects to be considered before deciding the most appropriate way to make a subscription.

Investment Tax neutrality in subscription and redemption Information obligations Procedure Documents
Indirectly through a Spanish Financial Insititution Tax neutral for individuals No Make a subscription through your bank or bróker. Instructions for the Bank (PDF)
Directly in Luxembourg through the TA No


Form 720

(>€50.000)Banco de España

Form ETE

(>€1 million)

  1. Open a personal account at the TA.(EFA)
  2. Make a transfer to the fund’s account(KBL)
  3. Fax the subscription form to the TA.

Instructions (pdf)

EFA Account (pdf)

Subscription form (pdf)

720 AEAT

ETE Banco de España