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Fund Description

Incometric Fund – EQUAM Global Value, FCP is a UCITS IV fund regulated in Luxembourg in which the partners of EQUAM Capital have invested their financial wealth. The fund is open to new investors who share our long-term vision and investment principles.The fund is composed of a well balanced portfolio of (i) high quality companies which can generate shareholder value over a long period by re-investing their profits at a high rate of return, that have been bought at reasonable prices (ii) special opportunities bought at times of distress or after the announcement of a transaction, spin-off or deal that represents a material change in the structure of the company which has not been properly assessed by the market. The rest of the portfolio is composed of cash, invested in liquid short term assets.

The fund’s custodian is KBL, one of the best capitalized custodian banks in Luxembourg. EFA acts as the fund’s Transfer Agent and is responsible for the registry of investors. ADEPA is the Management Company and EQUAM Capital acts as the fund advisor. EQUAM is devoted exclusively to the search, analysis and selection of securities for the fund. The fund is supervised by the Luxembourg regulator and registered with the CNMV (Spanish Stock Market Regulator).



Incometric Fund – Equam Global Value
Legal structure FCP Luxemburgo (Fond Commun de Placement)
Regulation / Taxes UCITS V, tax neutral reinvestment for Spanish residents
Distribution platforms AllFunds, Inversis and fundsettle
NAV calculation Daily
Investment Manager Adepa Asset Management SA Lux
Investment Advisor Equam Capital, EAF, SL
Custodian KBL Kredietbank Luxembourg
 Clase A
ISIN LU0933684101
Fees 1% on NAV + 8% on performance (with HW)
Minimum initial investment 5,000 €
 Clase D
ISIN LU127458991
Fees 1.25% on NAV
Minimum initial investment 1,000,000 €